News & Updates 4-16-14

HelloH! Everyone! Jeremy & the Six Source Crew postin' a few updates for you guys.
New Helloh!Girl is on the way with a new story appearing in HANDHELD #3 (and the Helloh!Girl site next week).
HANDHELD #'s 2 & 3 will be arriving at the DEEP COMICS & GAMES beginning of May, along with HANDHELD #4 at the end of May, getting the series back on track, arriving the end of every month. Don't forget that the Deep is moving a few stores down from where it was, into a larger store! Exciting times indeed! For those of you not familiar with the DEEP, it's a comix and Gaming store in Huntsville, ALabama...and is one of the stores that supports Six Source Studios' in print.

In the last 2 months, we've developed new content for our comix, as well as streamlined our entire studio to bring you simple, consistent books and stories, which we discuss in upcoming issues of Lost Genesis and HandHeld/Digital Splash. We have a new series in the works from our old, 2007 lineup of webcomix, called "FLASH FREEZE". It'll be appearing in HANDHELD later in the year (HandHeld #7, as it is currently set for, though that placement may shift between now and that time---but it is slated for beginning later in 2014).

Six Source Studios has 1 main comix series, which is HANDHELD; a limited-series, LOST GENESIS (with Annuals coming each year); and stand-alone books featuring HELLOH!GIRL, TRUBBLE!, and FLASH FREEZE! More info on all this and new Helloh!Girl content coming April 23rd! See you then, kiddos!


News & Updates 1-21-14

Looks like Hellyssa had a little mishap with her booze. Looks like booze is always getting her into trouble! 
Who is Hellyssa, you ask? Well, she's the STARLET of our HIT Webcomix series, HELLOH!GIRL! If you haven't checked out the FREE webcomix of HELLOH!GIRL, you're missing out! So, what are you waiting for?! Go on and take a peak...
Well.........go on, give it a chance! 
What's that? Oh. You wanna read about the rest of our news and updates. Okay. Sounds like a plan! Then, be sure to head over to the HELLOH!GIRL comix once done, here, if you'd be so kind. :)

Hellyssa is not only in the webcomix that we update daily, but she's also in the Video Comix of HELLOH!GIRL that we've started. What's a Video Comic? It's a comic that can be watched and read instead of simply read---it has some great transitions, visual effects, and kewl music that helps enhance your overall comic reading experience. :) It's also kind of like someone turning the pages for you. If something happens too fast, you can simply press the pause button and take as long as you need to read along with the story, still delivered at your own pace.
As if that's not awesome enough, Six Source Studios is working on a game you can play based on Hellyssa's adventures (or "misadventures", in this case), from the HELLOH!GIRL comix. The game can be downloaded and played on your computer, and is a fresh story---not simply a rehashing of any HELLOH!GIRL comix stories you may've already read! We'll make some work-in-progress posts as the development nears completion. 
Also, the 2nd Issue of the HELLOH!GIRL COSPLAY series of art is on the way! Keep an eye out for that, though you can find COSPLAY #1 at this link...
Well, that's pretty much it for now guyz and girls. See you over at Helloh!Girl as new pages for those webcomix are delivered DAILY!