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News & Updates 6-26-14!!!

Wow! Has it been almost a month since posting here last? With all the news and updates posted in our DIGITAL SPLASH digital comix-zine, and on the HELLOH!GIRL site, as well as our Six Source Deviant Art Account, I guess posting here slipped through the cracks this once! Yikes! But that's remedied with this post. :D

We have a more FREE Versions of HELLOH!GIRL stories coming your way on the Helloh!Girl site, plus on Deviant Art. In addition to that, we have extended versions of those stories with extra content and bonus material on DriveThruComics.com, for a really, really affordable price! Most all Helloh!Girl digital comix---adult or mainstream, 14+ editions---are a meager $1.09!!!
If you haven't checked out our Helloh!Girl selection of books yet,

On our SIX SOURCE STUDIOS 2014 Deviant Art account, we've hit 300 pageviews in a month, which is great, with 12 watchers already! Thank you all for your interest and also to those of you making contributions that help us keep our work rolling and available! If you like our comix and art, you can always pick up one or more of our Digital Comix with bonus material---it's like a donation, except you get something in return and everyone has fun! :D Six Source digital comix are easy on the wallet, coming to you mostly at a $1.09!!! Full-Color stories, art, EYE CANDY, and laughs---how can you go wrong?

HELLOH!GIRL: TRUTH and DARE arrives digitally, the first week of July, 2014! In it, Hellyssa, Rain, and Vjay (Hellyssa's two best friends) play a game of truth or dare to get to know each other more, which turns out to be really revealing and gets out of hand! We learn more about Hellyssa's Shape-Shifting and her "TRUE" Form, as well as we learn the Fate of Monoclese Willy, after his and Hellyssa date in
And we get to see one thing Hellyssa is on the run from!

DIGITAL SPLASH #5 is scheduled for release, also, in the first week of July, 2014.
Lost Genesis #9 is due out middle of July, 2014 at the latest---in which the limited series wraps up with issue #10 by September of 2014.

We have tons more on the way, and great stuff right around the corner! See you guys again, shortly!


DIGITAL SPLASH (2014) #4 !!!

31 Pages, FULL-COLOR, Digital Comic-zine


5-29-14 News & Updates!

Hello everyone! We're coming to you today to letcha know about some pretty kewl things in the works for Six Source Studios!

First of all, Helloh!Girl has new stories coming up!
HELLOH!GIRL: "Monster Crush" will be available next week (first week of June, 2014). It will feature one of Hellyssa's old flames who's return stirs up some emotional turmoil for Hellyssa, as well as opens the door to someone from the past Hellyssa is running from!

Hellyssa's Cosplay issue #2 will be available Friday, May 30th, as well, which features Hellyssa Cosplaying Misty from Pokemon! If you missed the first issue where Hellyssa and her friend, RAIN, Cosplay a sexy version of Super Mario Brothers, then get it HERE!

Not only that, but Hellyssa will appear in her usual monthly spot in Digital Splash webcomix-zine, in which issue #4 is released Friday, May 30th (2014) (That's THIS Friday)!
Also, Hellyssa will have ties and connections to a new webcomix series taking place in the pages of DIGITAL SPLASH, featuring a new HELLOH!TOONs character, BLITZ! You'll get teasers of him here, but can find the official introduction to Blitz in Digital Splash #5 (available June, 2014)!

That's all we got for you today, kiddies...see you in the funny pages!